the sugarCane cups

rich pagano + the sugarCane cups is a New York City based rock band led by singer/drummer, songwriter, Rich Pagano. Rich also produces all of the material at his New York City studio, New Calcutta Recordings. New Calcutta was built for the sole purpose of facilitating the original music endeavors of RP+SCC, but as soon as local musicians and songwriters heard the sonics of the studios initial releases, Rich found himself with a successful recording and co-wrting career that sidelined his personal musical output. Once Rich put some brakes on the commercial side of the studio, the ideas started flowing, making the studio his inner sanctum again.

Although primarily known as a drummer, Rich Pagano moved to New York City from Long Island to develop as a songwriter and producer. Juggling a life of touring, family, the constant hustle of making a living as a musician and a period of uncertainty with a level of dependency has given this artist a portal of expression. Pagano recently commented, “Some people must create art to live, otherwise one can feel less than alive.”

Rich Pagano + the SugarCane Cups has a sound that will remind the listener of solo Pete Townshend, John Lennon, 70’s colors and a roots music pulse. Lyrically, themes live between heaven and hell, strength over weakness, perseverance, defeat and escapism.

In 2009 Hi-Fidelity Music released the debut, 'Rich Pagano + the SugarCane cups' to positive reviews (voted 'best of 2009' - Blurt Magazine). The record included guest artists, Ian Hunter, Trey Anastasio, David Johansen, The Fab Faux, John Leventhal, GE Smith and Willie Nile.

Other reviews have described Pagano as “a revered musical figure” and have called the CD “an original and creatively exciting work,” and “timeless, well-constructed rock.” Other rave coverage included FOX-TV’s GOOD DAY NY, The CW NETWORK, MASSLive and Entertainment

Rich is currently recording the follow up to his debut, this time planning to release songs in pairs as downloads with a deluxe package CD to follow. For more info:

rich pagano + the sugarCane cups full debut record on:

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